What makes us paradigmatic

A different way of working with clients with proven results.

Personal management of our clients:

Partners directly manage clients on a day to day.

Focus on results:

Our best reward is that our customers grow and consolidate brands.

Passion to detail:

Each piece, however small, we do it with the same enthusiasm and quality.
It is so important a post as a Christmas greeting.

A business of people:

We are a group of passionate professionals who feel and live what we do.

What we do

Our services cover the broadest spectrum response to each and every one of our customers needs


• elaborate architectures brands.
• propose strategic plans and positioning.
• We provide our customers marketing and communication training.


• communication design strategies.
• advise on research projects.
• briefings translate communication strategies.


• corporate image design.
• We create business communication ideas across disciplines.


• Implemented and we carefully monitor the campaigns.
• evaluate the results.
• manage budgets responsibly.

With whom we work

Collaboration with partners gives us valuable professional growth and quality of services.


MCS is an integrated communications consultancy we work together communication strategies for our clients. His experience of over 30 years in the field of communication and public relations journalism, his great knowledge of new technologies and the professionalism and involvement of your team will become an indispensable partner of PARADIGMA Barcelona.



Global Tribe represents an entirely new paradigm of partnership agencies. It is the union of people and different companies but with a culture and a common vision of business communication. Currently includes more than 20 agencies in Europe, North, Central and South America and Asia with which we exchange resources and collaborate on common projects, allowing us to offer our clients service virtually anywhere in the world.